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How can I check the PHP settings on the server?

For Linux packages with PHP only!Linux Packages with PHP Only!
      This includes:
arrow 1&1 Home (Linux) arrow 1&1 Dual Starter
arrow 1&1 Business (Linux) arrow 1&1 Dual Standard (Linux)
arrow 1&1 Business Pro (Linux) arrow 1&1 Dual Unlimited (Linux)
arrow 1&1 Professional (Linux) arrow 1&1 Dual Business (Linux)
arrow 1&1 Managed Servers
      This does NOT include:           not 1&1 Beginner

A very easy way of doing this is to create a text file named phpinfo.php with the php_info() function. Within the text file, place the following text:

<?php phpinfo (); ?>    

Save (or upload) the file to your webspace in the folder that contains your site files and access the page through a browser such as

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