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Can the memory usage limit be increased on shared hosting with a php.ini file?

For Linux packages with PHP only!Linux Packages with PHP Only!
      This includes:
arrow 1&1 Home (Linux) arrow 1&1 Dual Starter
arrow 1&1 Business (Linux) arrow 1&1 Dual Standard (Linux)
arrow 1&1 Business Pro (Linux) arrow 1&1 Dual Unlimited (Linux)
arrow 1&1 Professional (Linux) arrow 1&1 Dual Business (Linux)
arrow 1&1 Managed Servers
      This does NOT include:           not 1&1 Beginner

Due to resource limits on our Shared Hosting machines, it is not possible to allocate more memory to PHP than the maximum for your package. Using a php.ini file or the memory_limit directive to increase memory for PHP may result in the phpinfo() output reflecting the change however the server will not allocate more memory than the limit imposed by 1&1.

Older packages were limited to a maximum of 30MB for PHP memory regardless of package. Starting with the Dual Hosting packages, the limits have increased. You can view the PHP Memory Limit for each Dual Hosting package on our order site.

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